Unbroken Friendship under the direction of Coast Salish Weaver Jessica Silvey

According to Jessica: 

This design represents the journey that we all need to take together towards reconciliation.  It will not be an easy journey, as there is deep-rooted distrust, fear, and generational trauma in our community and hesitation on the settlers’ side, [as] both sides are truly entering into the unknown but I firmly believe that this Weaving Project will help connect thoughts, minds, and hearts; it is a much needed first step towards Unbroken Friendship.

The design begins with four inches of twined weaving on each end of the blanket as a base; with the main body woven with a Cherokee basket weave pattern called ‘unbroken friendship.’  The warp is red and black wool and the weft pattern is woven with white wool. The midsection of the blanket, the red surrounded by black, represents our people surrounded by darkness during the time of the residential school experience. The bottom section, the grey zig zag pattern over the black and red, represents the bluffs in Jervis Inlet. The black streaks that run through the grey rock with red pictographs painted on them to show that our people have been here since time immemorial.