Raquel Joe

ch’elkwilwet Raquel Joe, Weaver, Curator and Singer

ch’elkwilw has been weaving for 10 years. Her Ɂalish kwayimin taught her how to weave the basic tunic which she loved it as soon as she touched the wool and has been weaving ever since. She has created numerous shawls, blankets, wall hangings, tunics, head bands, sashes and scarves. Her traditional shíshálh name means “to weave back and forth and push through the warp.”

The type of loom Raquel uses is the traditional loom our ancestors used, being the third bar. Warping many times to the size you desire. She uses non-traditional wool the majority of the time (as traditional wool was made from mountain goat hair and woolly dog hair from a breed that lived in the villages with us, who now no longer exist). 

Raquel has a spiritual connection to each piece she weaves. She dreams about it. She goes by her visions from her dreams and what feels right at the time.