The Sun by ch’elkwilwet Raquel Joe

This weaving design incorporates the sun. In Raquel’s view,  every day we are making reconciliation with one another. Just as the sun always rises and sets, we all get that second chance at a new day – EVERY DAY. The sun (syaykw) will represent the SUNSHINE COAST. The scenery she uses is looking down Sechelt Inlet (Ɂalhtulich). The colours are lavender, mauve, pink, white, grey and black. The design will represent us as a whole as we at the higher levels of government and business are working together to keep our Sunshine Coast beautiful. Acceptance is the key to this achievement. You are here and we are here. Let’s work together as a team. Together Everyone Achieves More!

The syiyaya Reconciliation Movement is honoured to be welcomed on the traditional and unceded swiya (homeland) of the shishalh people.
We endeavour to respond to this welcome with deep humility, gratitude and respect.

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